Mariner Soccer

Nanaimo Turf Fields  MAP or 2300 Bowen Road

Mariner Golf

Nanaimo Golf Club, 2800 Highland Blvd, Nanaimo

Mariner Volleyball, Basketball & Badminton

The VIU Gymasium is the home of Mariner Volleyball, Basketball & Badminton - Building 190

Main Gym Floor: 2 Basketball Courts, 4 Volleyball Courts, 10 Badminton Courts and more!

Fitness & Weight Room with Cardio Equipment


Multi-Purpose Room - dance classes, stretching, table tennis, heavy & speed boxing bags, wrist straps, Swiss balls, skipping ropes, medicine balls, balance boards and bands and more!


Lockers, Squash/Racquet Ball Court, Towel Service and more

Gymnasium Information & Hours
250.740.6418   Building 190, Room 107

Campus Rec is also located in the VIU Gymnasium

Campus Recreation includes Intramurals, Fitness Classes, Health & Wellness Activities and Outdoor Programs.