Alumni men's bball-national champs return

September 26th, 2008

This Saturday, Sept 27th at 8pm the Mariner Men's basketball will take on the Mariner Alumni team. The 94' National champs return !!
Almost 15 years since the Mariners won the 2004 CCAA National championships.
Erik Johnson , Rex McNally and Liam Sullivan are three members of the Championship team that will challenge the M's this Saturday.
NDN story ...
A team loaded with All-Canadians, National champs and League All-Stars should provide for some exciting basketball. The Alumni Roster includes Graham Giske (02-05,06-08), Luke Robinson (02-04), Dave Bains (01-03), Jason Hubbs (99-00, 04-05) ( All-Canadian, BCCAA Player of the year, National 1st team All-Star, 05' National Bronze Medalist, #1 in league scoring) , plus players out of the 90's such as 6'10" Erik Johnson (94' National Champ), Rex McNally (94'National Champ), Mike Morgan (94-98) and Liam Sullivan (94' National Champ).
On the bench calling the plays will be Wayne Clouthier former coach/player.