BCCAA Athlete of the Week

November 10th, 2010

Cheyla is in her 5th year, but 1st year at VIU. For the past 4 years Cheyla has been an extremely dominant opponent everytime the Mariners played the CBC Bearcats. Cheyla took a season off and decided that she still had the passion for volleyball. Cheyla was excited about the opportunity to play at VIU and the fact that coming to a well balanced offensive team meant that she was only part of the overall offense rather than have the pressure of being all the offence. Cheyla is a hard worker and determined player. She makes all of her teammates stronger in both games and practices. 

Cheyla was a dominant force this past weekend verses UFV.  On Friday Cheyla tallied 16 kills, and 1 block for a total of 17 offensive points. Cheyla made zero hitting errors on Friday night and lead the Mariners to a 3-1 victory over the Cascades. Saturday she returned to her old school where she had played 4 years previous. With nerves at their highest Cheyla managed to rack up another 9 kills in just 3 sets. Defensively Cheyla 13 digs against the cascades and had another 7 digs against the bearcats.