VIU Women's Volleyball in Hawaii

January 17th, 2011

2010/11 VIU Women’s Volleyball Trip to Hawaii

For the second straight year the VIU Mariner Women’s Volleyball team spent the New Year training and competing in Oahu, Hawaii. The trip consisted of a well balanced amount of high intense, high caliber volleyball matched with some team building and relaxation. The VIU squad arrived in Honolulu on Dec.28th and within 3 hours of arrival participated in their first training session. The Mariners joined fellow Canadian teams the Red Deer Queens, The Capilano Blues, and the Grande Prairie Wolves who also made the trip to Hawaii. All 4 teams held team training sessions as well as informal scrimmages. On Dec.31st and Jan.2nd the 4 teams changed into their team colors and competed in a more formal tournament style. Although the teams all took the tournament serious, the matches were refereed by the coaches and no official score sheets were used.  The final results for the unofficial tournament were 1st VIU, 2nd Capilano, 3rd GPRC, and 4th Red Deer.  “The tournament was great for all the teams,” remarked VIU’s Coach, Shane Hyde, “It was an opportunity to play at a high level but not have to worry about rankings, or worry about playing to win at all times.” The trip was not all about volleyball. The team spent most of their 10 days on Oahu in the North Shore enjoying the sun, the beaches and the huge surf. For the Mariners this is the 6th year in a row of competing away from home over the Xmas holidays .... the past years have been spent in Hawaii, San Diego and the Cayman Islands.