TWU Scrimmage

October 4th, 2011

We went over and played 4 quarters versus TWU in the morning, in which we split. There were positives and negatives with regards to performance and effort.  We came out and shot the ball very well and won the first quarter.  TWU then came alive and bounced back, winning the next two quarters. A lot was due to us not looking after the basketball, not getting back and protecting our rim, and getting our butts physically kicked on the glass. These things will need to change both as individuals and a group if we wish to see success this season. We were able to bounce back and win that last quarter as those that started the quarter were willing to match their effort and physicality.  It was nice to play some new faces, but to be honest I was expecting more from our group as well as a few individuals specifically. This will need to change, or potential roles will be changing.

We then hung around all day and headed off to St. Georges to play UBC in the evening.  Unfortunately with about 5 minutes left in warmup, one of their players shattered the backboard and we were unable to play the scrimmage. Quite disappointing, because I think playing UBC is a great learning tool for our team and some individuals personally.  UBC plays the entire time with great passion and energy and really try to force you out of what you want to do. This is what I hope to be at our level, so it would have been nice for us to see it.