Basketball tournament weekend

October 9th, 2011

The VIU minor officials will be training this weekend with the LIVE CYBERSPORTS scoring will appear on at the following link. No promises that the score will be accurate !!



Oct 13th:

8:30pm Thursday   Quest U vs VIU (w) @ VIU


Oct 14th: 

Friday  4pm  Capilano U vs Camosun(m) @ VIU


Friday  6pm    Quest U vs Camosun (w) @ VIU


Friday  8pm    VIU vs Capilano U (w) at Dover Bay

Friday 8pm     VIU vs Seattle (m) at VIU


Oct 15th:  all games at VIU

Saturday  9am   Capilano U  vs Quest U (w)


Saturday 10:45am   Camosun  vs Seattle (m)


Saturday 12:30pm  VIU vs Capilano U (m)


Saturday 2:15pm  Capilano U vs Camosun (w)