Rachel Jones playing for VIU !!

March 25th, 2012

Rachel Jones, a graduate of Ballenas will be playing for the VIU Mariners in the Fall.

Most recently Rachel has be playing on the following teams ...

2011-12 U18 Vancouver Island
2011 Ballenas Secondary
School (BSS) Senior
2010-11 Upper Vancouver Island
(UVI) Metro U17
2010 West Coast Capitals
Super Y League


"We are excited that Rachel has selected VIU to play varsity soccer

and for post secondary education. Rachel is a  passionate player who

has very good soccer skills and soccer sense, she has the ability to

score goals and can be physical when required, she has played at

Metro, HPL and Y League levels with lots of success" comments Anup Kang Head Coach of the VIU women's soccer team