Alumni Soccer Celebration

September 29th, 2013

The  20th anniversary of the 93 National women’s soccer champs, 30th for anniversary of the 83’ men’s and the 2010 men's national champions…. On Saturday Sept Oct 28th at the Nanaimo Turf Fields.

The men’s had a reunion Friday evening and the 83 and 93 team's went out for lunch following the ceremonies on Saturday.

Each player received an alumni t-shirt.


93’ Women’s soccer roster ..

The squad:

1 Charlotte Philp

2 Darla Lingren     

3 Tricia Fieldhouse

4 Kara Bamford

5 Tanya Hughes

6 Tracey Gregory

7 Shannon Kruger  

8 Nicole Smith

9 Annette Noble

10 Terri Lingren     

11 Roshy Dhaul

12 Donna Teichgrab

14 Andrea Davidson

15 Robyn Mor  

16 Jennifer MacDonald 

17 Shelley Sandland

18 Heather Horn

20 Karla Lingren  


Head Coach: Don Moslin

Assistant Coach: Leo Beier

Manager: George Dawkin