Soccer success at Hammond Bay Elementary

June 8th, 2014

Great Soccer story !! Two students in grade 5 at Hammond Bay Elementary school needed an extra project because they were often finished their work earlier than the rest of the class. They were given the task of designing a plan and a proposal to run a soccer camp at lunch time for younger kids.
Ava Alexander and Alden Holzwarth, did such a fantastic job with the project. Each time the club met, the two leaders led warm ups, ran drills, played games and finished with a joke session. There are quite a few grade 1s that are now interested in joining soccer clubs in Nanaimo!
To celebrate the accomplishments of Ava and Alden, soccer players from the VIU Mariners and the Highlanders visited Hammond Bay School on Monday, June 9th and ran a soccer clinic. Great job Ava and Alden ! PHOTO GALLERY