VIU Badminton wins doubles events

January 11th, 2015

VIU Badminton competed at the 2015 Campbell River Open on Jan 9-12. Congratulations to the team on all the wins !!

Bryan Liew and Al Liao won the A MD over the defending champions Mike Clark and Bryan Cassels (new VIU vs Veteran MalU team).  Thomas Spencer (VIU) teamed with future VIU recruit Gao Tian (NDSS).   They had a great 3 game battle Clark and Cassels in the semis of A 

Helen Cheung and Al Liao took the A XD over Lucy Bonar (VIU) and Mike Clark.  There toughest match was 3 game match in the quarter final vs Tina's Chen and Bryan Liew

Tina Chen and Dori Manley (CR) defeated Helen Cheung and Darby Walker in the semi then took the A WD.  Cheung and Walker won the B WD.  Bonar and Celine Smith had a tough 3 game match to win to C WD final.

Bryan Liew lost in 3 to David Yuan of ClearOne in Vancouver. Yuan then took out Mike Clark in the semi in 3. Tian, who is a doubles specialist played solid singles to win the final in 2 vs Yuan.


New to the VIU badminton program this term is Liao Chao Hsiang (Al Liao) from Taiwan who was ranked nationally in Taiwan while a university student and took the bronze medal at the 2014 Canada Open in MD.   Liao will compete for the team and assist with coaching duties at VIU and in the badminton community.  Local juniors will be fortunate to access this amazing opportunity to train under Coach Liao.  Watch for info which will be posted soon.