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February 15th, 2015

PACWEST Badminton Provincials

Metro Vancouver…..The KPU Eagles welcomed the Langara College Falcons and the VIU Mariners to the Eagles Nest in Surrey, BC for the 2015 PACWEST Badminton Provincials held February 14th and 15th.  The first day of competition determined the team champions for the PACWEST, while the second day’s individual events determined representatives for the PACWEST at the 2015 CCAA Badminton Nationals held in Halifax, NS, hosted by the University of King’s College Blue Devils (ACAA). All three PACWEST schools will have representation in Halifax when Nationals take place March 4th to 7th.

The Langara College Falcons were crowned the 2015 PACWEST champions on Saturday with a total of 949 points accumulated over three regular season tournaments. The VIU Mariners earned silver with 869 points while KPU finished at 736 points for the bronze.

Sunday’s individual events brought a high level of competition and intensity to the Eagles’ Nest as players battled hard in women’s singles, men’s singles, women’s doubles, men’s doubles, and mixed doubles.

2015 PACWEST Champions and 2015 CCAA Badminton Nationals participants:

  • Women’s Singles – Willine Kwee, KPU Eagles
    Eagles second-year Kwee, Richmond, BC defeated Falcons first-year Jacinda Yeung, Hong Kong (G1: 24-22, G: 2 15-21, G:3 22-20) and Mariners’ first-year Helen Cheung, Winnipeg, MB (G1: 21-15, G2: 21-9).
  • Men’s Singles – Matthew Chan, Langara College Falcons
    Falcons third-year Chan, Calgary, AB defeated Mariners first-year Connor Powell, Calgary, AB (G1: 21-8, G2: 21-12) and Eagles third-year Lawson Chan, Surrey, BC (G1: 21-12, G2: 21-10).
  • Women’s Doubles – Rosalynn Chong & Veronica Yeung, KPU Eagles
    In round one, KPU’s third-year Chong, Vancouver, BC and second-year Yeung, Vancouver, BC defeated VIU’s second-year Darby Walker, Nanaimo, BC and fourth-year Lucy Bonar, Nanaimo, BC (G1: 21-8, 21-9), and Falcons first-year’s Jamie Shum and Karina Shum, both from Vancouver, BC (G1: 22-20, G2: 16-21, 21-19).
  • Men’s Doubles – Eric Chiu & Imran Wadia, Langara College Falcons
    Langara’s Chiu, Richmond, BC and Wadia, Calgary, AB defeated VIU’s first-year Bryan Liew, Winnipeg, MB and second-year Thomas Spencer, Slave Lake, AB (G1: 21-11, G2: 21-12) and KPU’s third-year Bradley Low, Vancouver, BC and Ethan (Tin) Bui, Surrey, BC (G1: 21-11, G2: 21-19)
    • Mixed Doubles – Melissa Liuw & Greydon Robb, VIU Mariners
      Mariners’ third-year Liuw, Winnipeg, MB and Robb, Calgary, AB defeated Falcons second-year Michelle Hang, Vancouver, BC and first-year Angus Li, Vancouver, BC,  21-9 and 21-10.

Full 2015 PACWEST Provincial Medal Winners:

  • PACWEST Team:
    Gold – Langara College Falcons
    Silver – VIU Mariners
    Bronze – KPU Eagles
  • Women’s Singles:
    Gold – Willine Kwee, KPU Eagles
    Silver – Jacinda Yeung, Langara College Falcons
    Bronze – Helen Cheung, VIU Mariners
  • Men’s Singles
    Gold - Matthew Chan, Langara College Falcons
    Silver – Lawson Chan, KPU Eagles
    Bronze – Connor Powell, VIU Mariners
  • Women’s Doubles:
    Gold – Rosalynn Chong & Veronica Yeung, KPU Eagles
    Silver – Jamie Shum & Karina Shum, Langara College Falcons
    Bronze – Lucy Bonar & Darby Walker, VIU Mariners
  • Men’s Doubles:
    Gold - Eric Chiu & Imran Wadia, Langara College Falcons
    Silver – Bradley Low & Ethan (Tin) Bui, KPU Eagles
    Bronze – Bryan Liew & Thomas Spencer, VIU Mariners
    • Mixed Doubles:
      Gold – Melissa Liew & Graydon Robb, VIU Mariners
      Silver – Michelle Hang & Angus Li, Langara College Falcons

For more information on the 2015 CCAA Badminton National Championships in Halifax, NS, please visit: