Men's Soccer recruiting update

March 29th, 2015

Men's Soccer Recruiting Update
by Farida El Sheshingy
Photo Credit : Miguel Banting

 Vancouver Island University men’s soccer program is proud to announce their latest update on recruits and returning athletes to the varsity 2015/2016-varsity squad.  VIU men’s soccer, led by head coach Bill Merriman, has been very highly regarded as one of the best in the nation and the province of British Columbia, with CCAA gold, two silver, and one bronze medal within the past 5 years and two gold, two silver, and one bronze PacWest medals.

Returning to the Mariner roster next season is 5th year veteran Chris Arnett. With a gold medal around his neck already, Arnett hopes that the team continues to strive for both athletic and academic excellence in his last year of eligibility. “I expect us all to commit to training, as well as academics. Everyone must take training seriously in order to maintain our successful, winning environment.”

Arnett is a fourth year Physical Education major. “I would love to go out on a winning note. A personal goal for me is to be able to put another trophy in the cabinet,” he added. He played center midfield for Merriman in the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association Championship game in 2010. Merriman confirmed Arnett’s top class performance by saying, “Arnie was a key player for VIU in scoring the winning goal on a penalty kick in 2010, and also a leader.” Arnett holds this title close to heart, as he was fortunate enough to “share the field with his brothers”.  He further explains that winning provincial gold, before national gold, was even more special because he played with his best friends, Chris Merriman and Robbie Cochrane.

Arnett further added how team unity and belief were the main factors behind winning CCAA gold. “You see all the blue hair dye nowadays applied by most of the VIU teams, and that is because five years ago, 22 players showed up to the annual Athletic Banquet with blue Mohawks. VIU’s team unity is one of our strongest aspects.” Arnett is excited to be back on the field with his brothers under the coaching expertise of Bill Merriman, who has been coaching the veteran since he was 6 years old. “Arnie will become an impact player for VIU in the 2015 season. His leadership and personality will make him a fan favorite,” strongly stated Bill Merriman.