2015 Summer Sports Camps

June 11th, 2015

2015 VIU Summer Sport Camps

Here are the dates.
July 6-7 Jr Boys Basketball Elite Shooting Camp
July 8-9 Junior Boys Basketball Perimeter Player Development
Aug 17-21 Girls Basketball
Aug 24-28 Senior Boys Basketball
Aug 31-Sept 4 Girls Volleyball
Aug 31-Sept 3 Boys Volleyball
Aug 31-Sept 3 Girls/Boys soccer



Parents registering their children in VIU camps will have to make an account and add their children to their account.

  1. Click on “Create Account” in the top right corner of the registration web page,  if you do not have an account already.
  2. Fill in all fields with a * (Make sure the account is all the parents information. Children being registered will be added at the end or during the registration process.
  3. Check for confirmation email and complete registration.

If you have any questions about registration please contact us:

Monday – Friday,   8am – 8pm,   250 740 6418 Ext. 2