Graydon Robb - Sports BC Award

April 17th, 2016

Sport BC announces AWARD WINNERS in Amatuer Sport at 50th Anniversary

2016 Athlete of the Year Awards
presented by Canadian Direct Insurance

RICHMOND, BC (March 14 , 2016) — Sport BC is very proud to announce the athletes, coaches and officials who were the successful recipients of the 2016 Athlete of the Year Awards, hosted in Vancouver on March 10, 2016.

These extraordinary individuals were honoured for their excellence in and contribution to sport in front of 500 guests at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

COLLEGE ATHLETE OF THE YEAR – presented by SBC Insurance

This award recognizes an individual who competed in a sport, team or individual, and who represented a college, university/college, or institution in the province of British Columbia in the 2014-2015 academic year.

RECIPIENT:       Graydon Robb (Nanaimo, BC) – Badminton

In 2014-15 Graydon Robb won a silver medal at CCAA National Badminton Championships, was awarded CCAA All-Canadian and the ultimate honour; CCAA Badminton Athlete of the Year.  Badminton scores and statistics do not tell the tale of an athlete for badminton as 21-19 in a match does not reflect the caliber of the opponent. Graydon has the highest vertical in the league by far, and is top 3 for raw power which adds up to the most devastating jump-smash in his league?   Graydon also has an international caliber cross court slice – a dangerous weapon at any time but when you have both it is tough to defend against.  In the PACWEST league this season he has finished first in Mens singles and in Mixed doubles in two of two tournaments.  Deception is what separates the top players from the rest in badminton.  Graydon is the most deceptive player in our league and has a unique and unpredictable style of play, which is believed to stem from his creative nature.