Tylar Turnbull named to FACP

September 11th, 2016

Tylar Turnbull named to the 2016-17 CCAA Female Apprentice Coach Program.

Last March, Tylar Turnbull capped off her five-year career at VIU by capturing gold at the 2016 CCAA Women’s Volleyball National Championship in Charlottetown, PEI.

Now, Turnbull will join her former coach, Shane Hyde, on the bench at VIU as an apprentice with the Mariners.

“Tylar is exactly the type of person who would make an excellent head coach in the future,” said Bruce Hunter, former Athletic Director at VIU. “She has always led by example and is highly respected by her coaches and teammates.”

Turnbull was a team captain during her last two seasons at VIU and she has also earned some valuable coaching experience along the way.

“By coaching youth camps and various youth teams in the community, I have been able to expand my knowledge and develop as an athlete myself while also gaining the experience helping younger athletes,” she said.

Turnbull, who led the Mariners to a CCAA National Championship in 2012 as well, is also a two-time CCAA All-Canadian.

Turnbull, who currently works as an Outreach Worker in Nanaimo, BC, believes this coaching opportunity will only help her as she transitions into her career.

“Coaching will give me a little more experience with helping others not only on the court but also off the court, within the community and how they represent themselves and the school,” said Turnbull. “I am an individual who greatly benefits from being there for others and helping them, which is exactly what I am doing for work and coaching is just another way to add to the experience.”

Meanwhile, Hyde is thrilled to get the opportunity to be a CCAA mentor. He credits a lot of his success to the guidance he received from his own mentor, Rick Bevis. Through Bevis, Hyde learned how to overcome pressure situations, deal with team conflict as well as team organization, parts of the game that are not taught in the manuals or clinics.

“Being mentored by Rick allowed me to be exposed to situations that I may not have known how to deal with,” said Hyde. “I was able to watch and learn how to deal with players, how to talk to them, how to motivate them and how to prepare them.”

In 15 years as the head coach at VIU, Hyde has guided the Mariners to 10 PACWEST Championships and three CCAA National Championships. He has twice been named the CCAA Coach of the Year and was the recipient of the CCAA Coaching Excellence award in 2008.

The last five seasons, Hyde has had the pleasure of coaching Turnbull.

“I have watched Tylar develop from a high school volleyball star into a very confident, professional female leader and in her five years in the CCAA she has been a standout on and off the court,” he said. “She has been a great ambassador to female student athletes and she has become a great role model for our community.”

Hyde believes that with his guidance, Turnbull could become a great female coach.

“Good female coaches are so important in women’s sport,” said Hyde. “For our program to have a female athlete of Tylar’s status to come back to the program and pass on the expertise to our athletes is amazing.”