Women's Volleyball win both

October 15th, 2017

 Mariner women's volleyball goes undefeated against Island Rivals Camosun Chargers on week 1.. The Mariners came up against a very scrappy and determined Chargers squad on Friday night. The Mariners were not playing crisp but still managed to pull ahead in the 1st set serving for set point at 24-18. The Camosun Chargers made an amazing comeback and went on an 8 point run to take the 1st set 26-24. The Friday match was a battle but the Mariners took it in 5 sets with a final score of 15-13 in the 5th set. Head Coach for the Mariners, Shane Hyde was not pleased with the way his team played on Friday, “We played hesitant, scared and lacked creativity.” Explained Hyde. “I thought our setting was very predictable and certain players were not engaged enough to play at that level. Camosun applied the pressure to us all night. They blocked and played defense well and we were not excited enough to match it at times,” stated Hyde.

Saturday the squad got back to the basics and took the Match in 3 straight sets.” I was pleased with the way we came out Saturday. We dictated the play. It got a bit scrappy in the third set but that’s what happens when you start messing around with the line-up,” Hyde commented. Hyde noted the strong play from Amanda Dobbyn and Mikayla Wagner as the difference in the wins.