National GOLD for Women's Volleyball

March 11th, 2018

Gold Medal Match: VIU Mariners 3, Douglas Royals 1


VIDEO Archived Game

As anticipated, the early points in the match set the tone for what was to come. The Mariners came out firing on all cylinders and the Royals answered with the same intensity. At 18-16, the Royals called a time out and again at 21-17 as the Mariner’s block was impenetrable. To no avail, the Mariners took the first set 25-19.

In the 2nd set, Douglas jumped to a 5-2 lead with a couple of key kills from outside hitter, Vania Oliveira. That lead quickly dissipated as the Mariners stormed back into a 17-12 lead, as the setter, Chantal Cumming moved the ball around with controlled precision. The Mariners continued to put on the pressure and eventually won 25-20.

Determination and patience prevailed in the 3rd set as the Royals, dug deep to challenge the Mariners with a quick 12-6 lead. The Mariners, as they have done all weekend, turned up the intensity, closing the gap but not quite enough as the Royals won 25-23.

Once again, the Mariners aggressive intensity and high sense of purpose roared them into a 9-5 lead early in the set. Their evenly distributed offense and relentless defense created difficulties for the Royals. Endless rallies, hard hitting, incredible digs and blocking combined with spectacular setting from both sides made for a fantastic final. The Mariners finished out the 4th set winning the National Championship with a score of 25-16.

Taylor Wickson received the Player of the Game for the VIU Mariners with 8 kills, 4 digs and 11 blocks.

VIU's Player of the Game:Taylor Wickson

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