33 Scholar Awards for VIU

September 9th, 2018

VIU Athletic Department is extremely proud of its 33 CCAA Scholar Awards, announced by the CCAA on September 13th

The CCAA National Scholar Award recognizes the outstanding academic accomplishments of student-athletes.
To be recognized, a student-athlete must achieve honours standing at their institution in the current academic year.

Congratulations to our recipients of the 2017-18 CCAA National Scholar Award! Well Done !

Lacey Banman, Badminton

Helen Cheung, Badminton

Christina Woo, Badminton

Tyus Barfoot, Basketball

Madeline Hart, Basketball

Nicholas Xylinas, Basketball

Morgan Proctor, Basketball

Emily Clarke, Basketball

Kaitlyn Lafontaine, Basketball

Victoria Brown, Basketball

Shayce Johnston, Basketball

Kiara Johnston, Basketball

Nolan Richardson, Golf

Liette Masse, Golf

Harroop Malli, Soccer

Avril Petri, Soccer

Moira Brown, Soccer

Jeff Travis, Soccer

Chloe Gummer, Soccer

Luke Holmes, Soccer

Lexi Fawcett, Soccer

Miguel Banting, Soccer

Kaylie Rafuse, Soccer

Megan Dial, Soccer

Cassidy Chamberlin, Soccer

Tova Rae, Volleyball

Mikayla Wagner, Volleyball

Denham O’Reilly, Volleyball

Kelsey Hutt, Volleyball

Jeff Webb, Volleyball

Jared Parhar, Volleyball

Isaac Bevis, Volleyball

Danielle Groenendijk, Volleyball