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About campVIU

campVIU is an up and coming summer camp provider located in beautiful Nanaimo, British Columbia. We provide high quality active living and sport based summer camps for youth ages 5-18.

Developed by VIU Athletics and Recreation, our camps offer a variety of full and half day programs will pre and post care as well as catered lunch options available for full day camps!

Camps are known as either campVIU or Mariners in Training Programs. campVIU programs offer a broad range of activities for young athletes looking to explore options for active recreation, develop physical literacy skills and improve overall game across sports. Mariners in Training programs offer focused, more intensive sport specific programs lead by the VIU Mariners Varsity Teams. All camps welcome participants  of all ability and interest levels!

campVIU and Mariners in Training look forward to hosting a record number of camper this year. That being said, camps would not be possible without the hard work of our administrators, leaders and varsity teams. Learn more about them below.