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Mind & Body

September 16 - December 5, 2019






Morning Classes


Rise & Shine Yoga

Room 115

7 - 8 am



Rise & Shine Yoga

Room 115

7 - 8 am

Mid-day Classes  


Yoga Pilates

Room 115

12 - 1 pm



Yoga Core

Room 115

12 - 1 pm

Afternoon/Night Classes


Flow Yoga

Room 211

4 - 5 pm

Circus Arts

Room 115

6:30 - 7:30 pm


Yin Yoga

Room 115

6:30 - 7:25 pm






Free Fitness Week: September 9 - 12

No Classes: October 14, November 7, 11 - 15

Group Fitness Drop In Price: $7/Student, $10/Faculty, Staff and Community 


Circus Arts: Fun and fitness all in one! Explore how to juggle with scarves, balls, clubs, poi, diabolo and hula-hoops, and how to spin plates! Work on balance boards, unicycles, slacklines, balloon sculpting, partner acrobatics and clowning! Release your creativity in motion! 

Flow Yoga: Description coming soon.

Rise & Shine Yoga: Greet your day with this gentle and invigorating yoga practice. Rise and Shine yoga is a great way to wake up and set the tone of your day. Join Laura to lead you through a series of poses working on balance, flexibility and breathe work. Expect tunes and a fun welcoming environment. All levels welcome.

Yin Yoga: Sink into stillness and slow down your body & mind. This class will help you increase flexibility and your range of motion and will calm your mind. A great class for stress release.

Yoga Core: Yoga Core emphasizes static and dynamic Yoga poses that develop a strong and supple abdomen and lower back, essential for healthy posture, good digestion, and overall health. We will work the mid-section of the body and incorporate conscious breathing and deep relaxation to complete our practice.

Yoga Pilates: This class is a great combination of Yoga and Pilates. We will do breath-work and sun salutations to warm up, then focus on lengthening the body and strengthening the core through classic Pilates moves. At times, we may incorporate Swiss balls to challenge our stability. After the work-out, we close with a period of guided relaxation to feel fully refreshed.