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Special Events/Leisure Activities

NOTE: Special Events are non-transferbale and non-refundable 

To register please click on the name of the activity below. For the Canucks Road Trip, please click on the specific upper or lower bowl seats to register.

Wildplay High Ropes Course



10am - 2pm

Meet at VIU

Sunday, Oct 20





10am - 3pm

Meet at VIU

Sunday, Nov 3


This activity is an all-day event starting at the University where we transport the group to an area near the Nanaimo River. Here the group will be supplied with camouflage gear, head protection, guns and a start-up of ammunition. The group will be split into teams and will compete in a series of competitions including capture the flag. The team will then be dropped back off at the VIU gym. This event is rain or shine and fills up fast so do not hesitate to register.

Vancouver Canucks Road Trip


$100 Upper Bowl; $150 Lower Bowl

(includes transportation and game ticket)

8am - 8pm

Meet at VIU

Saturday, Dec 7  


This is a very popular special event that fills up very fast. The group meets at VIU and is shuttled to the ferry terminal. After disembarking off the ferry the group is transported by charter bus to Rogers Arena to watch the Vancouver Canucks play. After the game, the group is transported back to the ferry and then shuttled back to VIU. This entire trip starts before noon and ends roughly at 1AM the next day! All travel and game tickets are included in the price.