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Health and Wellness

Biometric & Mental Health Screening Clinic

Do you know if you are at risk of having a cardiovascular event in the 10 years? Do you know what your heart age actually is based on your health numbers? Register or drop in to the Biometric Clinic and get your health numbers!

The Biometric screening includes blood cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose, carbon monoxide, body composition and more! Screening takes approximately 25 minutes from start to finish, is conducted by 2nd and 3rd year nursing students and is interpreted by VIU’s own Health Clinic Nurse Practitioner.

Students can also participate in Mental Health Screening and Sexual Health Screening if they choose. These additional screenings take approximately 15-20 minutes each. 

Trades Centre Cowichan

March 6

Nanaimo Upper Café

March 13

Cowichan Main

March 20

Carbon Monoxide Clinics!

Come and get your carbon monoxide levels tested by a quick and easy breath test to measure the amount of carbon monoxide in your blood.

Lower Café          January 31 11:00am - 1:00pm

Chair Massage

Do you hold stress in your upper shoulders, back and neck? Let Departure Bay Massage take that away! Massages are 5 minutes long and it is on a first come first serve basis. And yes, this is free as well! Wow…Campus Rec is pretty darn cool for offering all of this free stuff!!

Upper Café, Blg 300     April 9 and April 11 11:00am - 1:00pm

Free Fitness Classes!

There is no better way to de-stress from exams than to get active! Try out any and all fitness classes from April 8 – 11th and sweat away exam stress!

Blg. 190-Gym

Quit Smoking Help

Blg 190, Rm 207

All semester

St. John's Dogs Therapy!

There is nothing that makes you feel better than a tail waggin, furry, four legged cutie walking your way for a pet…and maybe even a lick! Head to the cafeterias and get happy with adorable licks and hugs from the St. John’s Therapy Dogs. They are so cute and cuddly –you don’t want to miss out! 

Upper Café, Blg 300     April 8

Upper Café, Blg 300     April 9

Lower Café, Blg 185     April 10

Upper Café, Blg 300     April 11

Outside Gym 190         Apr 17-19, 23-25, 29, 30

Take A Breather 24 Hr. Quit Smoking Challenge!

Quit smoking/tobacco for 24 hours and get entered into a contest to win $250! That’s it! Contest dates are January 2 and February 6


February 5, March 5, April 2