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2019 VIU Golf Classic

2019 VIU Golf Classic
On Tuesday, September 17, 2019, VIU Athletics will host the 9th annual fundraising tournament at the
Nanaimo Golf Club. We are extremely proud to work with our alumni, sponsors and staff to put on an event
that benefits current and future student-athletes. Mariner athletes are involved in community and youth
sport activities in the Nanaimo area every year and we are proud of our legacy of 'building champions'.
This golf tournament will support VIU Athletics by providing funds for such things as scholarships
and exhibition travel. We also want to engage our athletes, coaches and staff with our community and
business members. This unique opportunity will enable greater Nanaimo business community to
connect with the VIU Mariners on a personal basis.
To participate in the tournament, please complete and submit the following registration form.
Also you may want to consider being a sponsor of the tournament and there are several options
available to you if you are interested. A $100 charitable tax receipt will be given to individual participants.