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2019-20 VIU Mariners Athletics Awards Video

2019-20 VIU Mariners Athletics Awards Video



On Tuesday, April 21st the Virtual 2019-20 VIU Mariners Awards Banquet and Ceremonies video was released, announcing award winners.

Here is a list of the Award winners.

VIU ATHLETE OF THE YEAR AWARDS - This award is presented to a female and a male student athlete who exhibit excellent athletic achievements and high academic standards, with a minimum of a 2.5 GPA. In addition, the athlete's season and career as a Mariner reflect qualities such as leadership, dedication and commitment. Through their athletic, academic and community engagement these student athletes have proven to be outstanding ambassadors for VIU and role models in the community.
Karoline Tormena - Women's Volleyball
Tyus Barfoot - Men's Basketball

FRESHMAN ATHLETES OF THE YEAR - These are awarded to a first year student-athlete under the age of 21, that has had a tremendous impact on their team's success in their first year of Inter-Collegiate competition as well as showing a high level of commitment to academics.

Taylor Kinley - Women's Soccer
Michael Heppelle - Men's Soccer

PRESIDENT'S AWARDS – These prestigious awards are given to athletes from each varsity team, selected by their coaches, based on each coach's individual criteria, such as commitment, leadership, and performance. These awards are generously donated each year by the President's office.

Kiara Johnston - Women's Basketball
Thaskani Mtawali - Men's Basketball
Andrea Cankovic - Women's Volleyball
Isaac Bevis - Men's Volleyball
Alex Foston - Golf
Melanie Osborne - Women's Soccer
Taylor Arbour - Men's Soccer
Nolan Richardson - Golf

Danielle Groenedijk- Women's Volleyball
Isaac Bevis - Women's Volleyball
Women's Basketball - Top Team

GRADUATING STUDENT ATHLETES – (Must have completed all 5 years in the Mariners program). We would like to acknowledge our graduating athletes. Mariners Athletics would like to recognize these athletes who have competed as a VIU Mariner for 5 years and congratulate them as they complete their eligibility. We understand and appreciate the commitment, integrity and determination that it takes to compete on a varsity team while being successful in the classroom

Lexi Fawcett
Nicole Foglietta
Braydon Brouwer
Andrea Cankovic

VIU INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION Student – Athlete Award. The VIU International Education Department is pleased to offer two generous awards, for one female and one male who are outstanding International student-athletes, and are returning to VIU next fall.

Amber Lease - Women's Basketball
Dario De Queiroz-Pereira - Men's Volleyball

One of the most prestigeous awards combining excellence in academics and athleticism.
Criteria PACWEST All-Star with honours status in academics

Tyus Barfoot - Men's Basketball
Mitch Turko - Golf
Victoria Ross - Golf
Mariah Netzer - Golf
Chloe Gummer - Women's Soccer
Cara Dunlop - Women's Soccer
Danielle Groenendijk - Women's Volleyball
Adam Kapteyn - Men's Volleyball
Shayce Johnston - Women's Basketball
Danielle Vanbergen - Women's Basketball

PACWEST ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE - Honours status over the past 3 terms

Gummer Chloe Nursing WSC
Dunlop Cara B. Education WSC
Osborne Melanie B Arts WSC
Malli Harroop B Education WSC
Groenendijk Danielle B Science WVB
Passmore Kayla B Education WVB
Dobbyn Amanda Tourism WVB
Gregory Kayla B. Arts WBB
Hart Madeline B. Science WBB
Johnston Shayce B. Arts WBB
Johnston Kiara B. Arts WBB
Snider Avery B Arts WBB
Vanbergen Danielle B Science WBB
Barfoot Tyus Business Admin MBB
Douglas Griffin B. Arts MSC
Bevis Isaac B. Arts MVB
Dvorack Ty Business Admin MVB
Kapteyn Adam Business Admim MVB
Webb Jeff B. Education MVB
Turko Mitch Business Admin GOLF
Ross Victoria B. Arts GOLF
Richardson Nolan B. Arts GOLF


 Nolan Richardson - Golf
Shea Battie - Women's Soccer
Reid Davidson - Men's Soccer
Shelby Dorman-Banks - Women's Volleyball
Jeff Webb - Men's Volleyball
Sydney Fetterly - Women's Basketball
Thaskani Mtawali - Men's Basketball