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1.      Thrive CCR Credit:
Thrive CCR Credit allows students to receive CCR credit for engaging in activities that contribute to their wellness (and it can be any VIU related activity, not just 'Thrive' events). The Thrive CCR Credit is built off of multiple 'Dimensions of Wellness'  so students can holistically balance multiple areas of their lives. Here is an info-graph  that describes the criteria in more detail. 
2.      Thrive Thursday Events:
Thrive Thursday Events are a list of events happening around campus that contribute to wellness.
Join our Thrive – Health and Wellness Group on the CCR app, where we will highlight Thrive resources, Thrive Thursday Events, and we will share wellness tips and resources. This will also be a place to connect directly with each other about their wellness interests.
4.      Thrive Facebook Page (@ThriveVIU):
Check out and join our Facebook page, highlighting Thrive resources, Thrive Thursday Events, and sharing of wellness tips and resources.