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Special Events and Tournaments



This activity is an all-day event starting at the University where we transport the group to an area near the Nanaimo River. Here the group will be supplied with camouflage gear, head protection, guns and a start-up of ammunition. The group will be split into teams and will compete in a series of competitions including capture the flag.

Date: Feb 10

Price: $40/person

Canucks Road Trip (Upper Bowl + Lower Bowl)

This is a very popular special event that fills up very fast. The group meets at VIU and is shuttled to the ferry terminal. After disembarking off the ferry the group is transported by charter bus to Rogers Arena to watch the Vancouver Canucks play. After the game, the group is transported back to the ferry and then shuttled back to VIU. All travel and game tickets are included in the price.

Date: Jan 13

Price: $100 Upper Bowl, $150 Lower Bowl

Mt Washington Ski/Snowboard Trip

This is a downhill ski/snowboard trip. The trip starts at the VIU gym at 6:00am where we will pick you up in a large charter bus and transport the group to Mount Washington. The trip includes a lift pass, transportation to and from VIU and a lesson if you want one. The lessons are for either beginner, intermediate or advanced skiers. The only thing that is not included on this trip is rentals. This trip is a very good deal and will fill up fast.

Date: Feb 1

Price: $75/person

The VIU Amazing Race

This is the most exciting event at VIU without a question! Teams race around the Nanaimo area where they are required to do task cards to get their next clues. Teams are made up of 5 members at least 2 members have to be female. Transportation to all events is self-propelled or is provided. This is the 6th year running the Amazing race and we expect things to be bigger and better than last year.

Date: Apr 6

Price: $150/team


NOTE: (+$10 per non VIU Student) 

*Please click on activity to sign up online


This is one of our most popular intramural tourneys each semester. Just like the movie come dressed up in your best costume if you dare! This Co-ed tournament is for anyone. The teams are made up of 6 players a side with 2 members being from the opposite sex.

Date: Feb 13

Price: $60/team

5-on-5 Road Hockey

Teams of 5 (including goalies) will compete against each other in a round robin format followed by a playoff. Teams can be co-ed but are not required. If there are enough teams registered we will have two divisions, Competitive and recreational. This event will be played outside at the Residence box rain or shine.

Date: Mar 10

Price: $60/team

5-a-side Outdoor Soccer

The 5-a-side Outdoor Soccer Tournament is pretty much as well-known as the World Cup of Soccer. The only difference with this tournament is that it is played with 5 players including the goalies. This tourney consists of a round robin format in the morning followed by playoffs in the afternoon. Free hot dogs and oranges at lunch is something no one can pass up! Hurry up and register while space is available.

Date: Mar 16

Price: $60/team

Co-Ed Slo-Pitch

This Tournament is VIU Campus Rec’s equivalent to the World Series of Baseball. The only difference is the growth hormones are in the hot dogs not the participants. This is a co-ed tournament consisting of round robin play in the morning followed by playoffs in the afternoon. Teams are made up of ten with at least 4 of the opposite sex on the field at all times. Music, free hotdogs, and great prizes all make this a great reason to play.

Date: Mar 17

Price: $80/team