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Thanks to all our sponsors ... your contribution is much appreciated !

Nicole Cederberg Law Corp  

Patrick Giroday Law Corp

Island Timberlands

David and Diana Bryce

Tony McCrory

Rick Gregory

Paul Rowat

Pacific Health Options Inc.

Bodyworks Physical Therapy in Clement Falls  

Laurie and Mike Johnson  

Corinne Ross  


Dave and Diana Bryce  

Cinderella Slip Ons  

Travel Land RV  

Jack and Lynda Hornstein  

Deanna Condly  

Joanne Schroeder  

Brian and Lori Snider  

Bonnie Macphail and Dale Lundy  

Salt Spring Fire Department  

Ginette Demaere

Barb and Dave Sherstone

Bonnie Sherstone

Rick Hart

Arlie Jespersen